Walking With Our Sisters

5 Oct

Walking With Our Sisters is an art installation of about 1800 vamps or “uppers” honouring the lives of missing and murdered Indigenous women.  Communities are coming together across turtle island in ceremony, while this sacred bundle travels over the next 7 years.  The installation opened on Friday September 19th at the Thunder bay Art Gallery and will be open until October 12.

Walking With Our Sisters Thunder bay Installation photo by Christi Belcourt

Walking With Our Sisters Thunder bay Installation photo by Christi Belcourt

For several months the community in Thunder Bay prepared to receive the bundle by consulting with local elders about traditional Anishinabeg ceremonial protocols, as well as hosting community conversations, bead-ins, ceremonial teachings and film screenings.

Kara Louttit is a co-lead organizer for Walking With Our Sisters Thunder Bay and also a member of the Walking With Our Sisters National Collective.  Erin Marie Konsmo is the Walking With Our Sisters Youth Coordinator and Media Contact.  They both spoke to the importance of fostering youth leadership and the ways that Walking With Our Sisters is providing space for youth to connect with culture.  They also spoke to the importance of meaningful engagement of two-spirit people and the ways that Walking With our Sisters honours missing and murdered two-spirit people.

For more information about Walking With Our Sisters and the tour schedule visit:



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National Day of Action in Support of the Decriminalization of Sex Work

17 Jun

The Supreme Court of Canada refused to hear the voices of sex workers  who applied to intervene in the hearing that took place on June 13th in Ottawa.

On June 8th in 6 different cities across Canada sex workers and their allies took to the streets to demand the full decriminalization of sex work.

National Day of Action in Support of the Full Decriminalization of Sex Work

National Day of Action in Support of the Full Decriminalization of Sex Work in Toronto (photo courtesy of Maggies)

This is a report back from the rally that took place in Toronto, Ontario.  It was hosted by Krysta Williams from the Native Youth Sexual Health Network and Lux a former sex work who works with Maggies.  It features the Eagle Women’s Singers, Monica Forrester co-coordinator of the Aboriginal Sex Workers Outreach and Education Program at Maggies, Terri Jean Bedford, Sasha Morale and a spoken word piece  by Janelle Flemming.

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Packed court house and Hundreds take to the Streets for Cece McDonald

6 Jun

On Monday June 4th Cece McDonald was sentenced to 41 months in prison.  The court rooms were packed with friends family and supporters wearing purple as requested by Cece and free Honey Bea T-shirts.  Community members will be watching closely in hopes that she won’t be held in solitary confinement again.

Following Cece’s sentencing Earful of Queer spoke with Katie Burgess from the Minneapolis Transgender Youth support Network and Lex Horan from the Cece McDonald Support Committee.

Later that evening a march and noise demo took place where hundreds took to the streets and blocked traffic for over an hour and yelled so loud that Cece could hear them through the prison’s walls.

Leslie Feinberg has visited Cece, was there in court supporting her and has been speaking out against the racist and transphobic violence that the state has enacted upon Cece.  During the demo Feinberg was arrested and charged.  Feinberg’s statement was read by Sidney B.

Music by Abstract Random

Write to Cece!


E of Q Review: The Passionate Mistakes and Intricate Corruption of One Girl in America

19 Dec

The Passionate Mistakes and Intricate Corruption of One Girl in AmericaThe Passionate Mistakes and Intricate Corruption of One Girl in America
By Michelle Tea
Foreward by Brandon Stosuy
Afterword by Eileen Myles
from Semiotext(e) Native Agents Series
Publisher: Semiotext(e) 

I got Passionate Mistakes… a couple months ago and it has been my companion most nights as a place to escape from the world around me. I have really appreciated the space it provides me to jump into someone else’s world and experience their problems.

Tea tells the story of growing up a young queer punk in Boston, which brings us all the likely tales of angst, rebellion and jealously. She writes about coming out, navigating life as a total freak that wants to clash with the world and eventually falling into a relationship which reeks of the worst emotional atrocities I see my friends going through every day. The whole story is woven with anecdotes about sex work, desires for queer sex and rebellion and the not so glits’ and glamour lifestyle of a poor kid growing up, with a big income and no future.

Passionate Mistakes… has been a welcome release from the anarchist theory and politics I previously read before bed. but lets be honest, insurgent writings about the crisis of everyday life doesn’t leave me with a clear head before bed.

I really appreciated Teas writing style, she is capable of sucking me in and leaving me with fading thoughts of her trip to Provincetown or her hot hook up with the dyke bartender. This was Michelle Teas first novel, followed by critically acclaimed Valencia and the graphic novel about sex work, Rent Girl. I know the publisher, Semiotext(e) more for their theory than their first person narratives, but I better understand their appreciation for writing after seeing the diversity of their books.


Sexploratorium 2

26 Oct


Last week I sat down with Harlott Fever and Jayy Black, two of the three organizers  of Sexploratorium 2 which is a queer, trans, kink, sex and poly positive event happening in Guelph on November 12th.

This will be a day offering a collection of workshops exploring desires, sexualities and kinks. The day ends with a playful and erotic social event designed to provide participants with an opportunity to explore and engage with the ideas of the day. Sexploratorium2 is a safer, anti-oppressive and gender-inclusive event. Regardless of experience level, participants can expect to gain a deeper understanding of kinks, eroticism and themselves.

To find out more about the event and the workshops taking place check out the Facebook event page.  You can also check out Id Elixir’s website for more resources and information about past events.

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