Black and Pink for Prisoner Justice Day

30 Aug

by Joseph Barnes a prisoner in TexasFor Prisoner Justice Day,August 10th, 2010, Earful of Queer interviewed Jason Lydon, of Black and Pink. The interview talks about queer and trans folk in prison and the support work we, as queers on the outside, need to be doing to support our community on the inside.

Check out the synopsis and check out the interview linked below.

Today we are speaking with Jason Lydon, who writes and maintains the website Black and Pink focuses on prioviding support to Queer and Trans prisoners in the United States, as well as, maintaining a monthly newsletter, a blog and an online store,, which sells Queer and Trans prisoners artwork to folks on the outside. We will be speaking with Jason on the eve of Prisoner Justice Day about what Black and Pink does to support Queer and Trans prisoners, issues they face inside the prison walls and what queer resistance to the Prison Industrial Complex looks like today and in the future.

Listen to the Interview in two parts here:

Queer Prison Resistance Part 1
Queer Prison Resistance Part 2

Download the Program from


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