Ed Mead and Men Against Sexism

11 Apr

The Story of a Revolutionary Queer Prison Group

Ed Mead & Danny Atteberry on the Tier of Walla Walla's  Isolation Unit in the 70's

Ed Mead & Danny Atteberry on the Tier of Walla Walla's Isolation Unit in the 70's

**TRIGGER WARNING: discusses topics and stories around rape and sex slavery within prisons.**

Ed Mead is a revolutionary, Queer, Godless Commie and Ex-Political Prisoner who went to jail for his part in a group called the George Jackson Brigade, which carried out a number of bombings, prisoner liberation’s and bank expropriations to further anti-capitalist struggle in the Pacific Northwest.

Earful of Queer talked with Ed about the history of his incarceration and his work with the revolution prison group called Men Against Sexism, which used violence and the threat of violence to stop rape within prisons in the Northwest of America in the 70’s.

We hear about the rise and fall of Men Against Sexism, failed escape attempts by Ed Mead & other revolutionaries, and the state of prison resistance then and now.

This is a beautiful collection of stories of queers engaged in class war against the state, and of small victories in that struggle.

This is a 3 part interview, you can find the links to the audio on Media Co-op below:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Ed Mead’s Current Projects:

Prison Focus Magazine
Seattle Jericho Movement

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