Feminism For Real

3 Jun

Feminism For Real: Deconstructing the Academic Industrial Complex of Feminism.

Edited by Jessica Yee

Publisher: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
ISBN 978-1-926888-49-1
Review by Cid (Fierce & Fabulous Krew)

This book is wonderfully confrontational; an exceptionally articulate critique of current feminism! Through this collection of essays, stories, and conversations, Jessica Yee has created a youthful deconstructive lens through which to see the disconnect between the ideals of equality and unity and the oppressive realities of mainstream feminism.

Every chapter challenges a different aspect feminism. Which, by being aimed at improving the situation of white, middle class, academic, cis-gendered women under patriarchy, has left out or directly oppressed groups of ‘othered’ people, or even further colonizing pre-existing and parallel struggles.

Feminism For Real does this through showcasing the voices of mostly indigenous and non-white, young, queer and two spirit people, and people with out institutional training or class privilege. The format as well represents a break from academia; using conversational writing style, poetry, swearing, and the kind of punctuation one would see in casual emails between friends.

This is a great ‘introductory feminism’ type book without all the bullshit that the included authors have experienced from feminism. It could help create a new entry point, for everyone who would be left out of feminism, or for people who do identify as feminists currently, to (re)examine dogmatic ideas. It puts forward a vision of inclusive, confident, personal yet unified, grassroots change, by listening to and respecting a leadership role from, people who are generally ignored by feminism.


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