Packed court house and Hundreds take to the Streets for Cece McDonald

6 Jun

On Monday June 4th Cece McDonald was sentenced to 41 months in prison.  The court rooms were packed with friends family and supporters wearing purple as requested by Cece and free Honey Bea T-shirts.  Community members will be watching closely in hopes that she won’t be held in solitary confinement again.

Following Cece’s sentencing Earful of Queer spoke with Katie Burgess from the Minneapolis Transgender Youth support Network and Lex Horan from the Cece McDonald Support Committee.

Later that evening a march and noise demo took place where hundreds took to the streets and blocked traffic for over an hour and yelled so loud that Cece could hear them through the prison’s walls.

Leslie Feinberg has visited Cece, was there in court supporting her and has been speaking out against the racist and transphobic violence that the state has enacted upon Cece.  During the demo Feinberg was arrested and charged.  Feinberg’s statement was read by Sidney B.

Music by Abstract Random

Write to Cece!

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