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Elisha Lim and the Illustrated Gentleman

16 May

Shabina and Carly chatted with Elisha Lim while they were on a bus to Montreal.  In the first part of the interview Elisha reads Butch #34 and  we discuss butch identity and mixed race identity.  Check out this illustrated documentary Elisha is working on with their sister Thea about mixed race identity.

We also talk about the Feminist Art Gallery (FAG).  Their work, The Illustrated Gentleman is the first to be exhibited at FAG and is up until the end of May.  Check out Elisha’s art blog!

Elisha also has super cute Queer love cards on etsy.

In the second part of the interview we talk about the Sex Appeals, Xtra‘s refusal to use Elisha’s preferred pronoun they, and the summer.

Check out Elisha’s music on myspace and their portfolio on tumblr

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