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Queer Discussions on Im/migration and Criminalization featuring NOII, QUAIA, and HAVOQ

3 Oct

On Wednesday September 28th  at Beit Zatoun in Toronto, Ontario folks discussed recent struggles by Queer and Trans folks in Toronto and in San Fransisco.  The panel featured Craig Fortier from No One is Illegal – Toronto and Natalie Kouri-Towe from Queers against Israeli Apartheid.

They were joined by Li Morales, Molly Goldberg and Essex Lourdes from HAVOQ (Horizontally Aligned Very Organized Queers) who have been on tour launching their zine Undoing Borders: A Queer Manifesto reflecting on two years of collective organizing around migrant justice.

They spoke about recent victories like the community mobilization to stop the deportation of Alvaro Orozco and about the challenges of organizing against borders on occupied land.

Listen to the whole panel here:

Introduction by Gabi

Craig Fortier, No One is Illegal – Toronto

Natalie Kouri-Towe, Queers Against Israeli Aparthied

Molly, Essex and Li, Horizontally Alligned Very Organized Queers

Let Alvaro Stay!

30 May

Earful of Queer talks to Craig Fortier of No One is Illegal about Alvaro Orozco.  Alvaro was picked up following a targeted ID check on Friday May 13th and is currently being held at the Rexdale Immigration Holding Centre where he faces imminent deportation.

Alvaro is a  Queer Artist who fled from Nicaragua at a young age to escape homophobic violence.  He has since become an active member of Toronto’s Queer and Arts communities.  In 2007 his refugee claim was denied because he didn’t look gay enough according to the adjudicator.

In this interview we discuss Alvaro’s case, the conditions of the detention centre, the community response and how folks can get involved and support Alvaro.

Alvaro was recently notified that he would be deported this Thursday June 2nd.  He has requested a deferral and his lawyer will be going to the Federal Court of Appeal to argue for a stay on his deportation until his Humanitarian & Compassionate (H&C) application is decided upon.

Update:  With many thanks to the incredible organizing and rallying of various communities, Alvaro’s Humanitarian and Compassionate application has been approved and he is set to be released from the immigration holding centre today (June 1st).

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