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Sex Work, Gentrification and Queers

6 May

This is a recording of a workshop presented at Queeriot in June 2010 in Guelph by Lime Jello and Fifi McGee of Big Susie’s .

They give a background on different kinds of sex work, who does sex work and how gentrification affects where and how people work.  They also discuss a few reasons why it’s important for queers to ally themselves with sex workers.

The workshop is divided into two parts and features Mariko Pasion’s Decriminalize me.        Find more of her music on myspace.

Queeriot is taking place again this year in Kingston July 8-10.


Decriminalization of Sex Work in Ontario

26 Oct

Amy Lebovitch is a sex worker and sex worker rights activist with Sex Professionals of Canada.  She is also one of three plaintifs named in the Charter Challenge.  On September 28 2010 Justice Susan Himel ruled that following laws violated sex workers rights:

a) Communicating for the purposes of prostitution in a public place

b) Keeping a common bawdy house

c) Living off the avails of prostitution

In this interview we discuss the current legal situation, what these laws mean for sex workers, debunk myths about sex workers, discuss why we’re fighting for decriminalization as opposed to legalization, and what it means to be an ally to sex wokers.

Listen Here

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